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Time for anti-war poems…

A THOUSAND ARMIES And the hapless Soldier’s sigh Runs in blood down Palace walls — William Blake A thousand armies sat on a wall and everyone of them was dead eating sandwiches out of little tin boxes yellow broken teeth … Continue reading

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Still thinking about Imran…

ONE DAY DEATH KNOCKED One day death knocked and knocked and no one answered – Only the door’s wood-grain in resounding unison answered A water drop on the lip of a glass was held suspended – Only shadows cast by … Continue reading

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A Sweet-faced Saint…

AS OF A GIANT CLOUD A sweet-faced saint like a giant cloud floats past the cliff edge where we stand in wait for such saintly visitation and he doesn’t disappoint with his fond nod in our direction and a sidelong … Continue reading

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Poem for Imran Saithna…

DEATH CAME IN RATHER SHEEPISHLY In memoriam Imran Saithna Death came in rather sheepishly having just taken someone quite young and in the flush of life and sat down in front of me in an overstuffed chair and took off … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Imran Saithna

Ruba’iyat XIX I’ll take the blows upon my chin I’ll rise, I’ll fight and I will win I will be happy someday soon I will leave behind this life of sin. Smiling as I whistle and loosely croon Living the … Continue reading

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Comments on the passing of our brother Imran

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Poem on the Prophet, peace of Allah be upon him…

THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD AROSE ONE MORNING The Prophet Muhammad arose one morning and by evening it was obvious he was no ordinary mortal He was a heart that spoke to a mouth that spoke to the ears of multitudes And … Continue reading

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