Blog Intentions

Bismillah er-Rahman er-Raheem


I never thought I’d have a blog… but find its immediacy exciting.

But what to do with it?

Well, post new poems, freshly struck from the heart’s anvil, captured from the middle of the night, or relevant older ones that ring a sudden bell…

Invite comments and thoughtful input from readers (since web blogs seem to be a magnetic sieve for outside views), a bit of give and take, even a forum of sorts…

Put up other older and contemporary poet’s poems of my choice for you to see where my tastes and reasons lie, partly for pedagogy, partly to showcase poems charged with spirit come alive in living language, the sensitivity to poetry and some instruction in it, roots and branches, is crucial now, how to read the splaying upsurge, the endless peacock display of His epiphanic self-manifestatons (tajaliyyat) and call on our rapid soul’s response to imaginal realities and eternal eidolons (ayats) [see Whitman’s “Eidolons” from Leaves of Grass]

Not to complain about the world at large (or small) around us, perfect as it is in all its raw imperfections, though cracks in space seem to let any kind of old mangy and dangerous demon through these days where they create as much havoc as they can, (governments, wars, hatred unleashed) while we wring our hands… and our hearts in frustration (Lord, how can we stop the madness?).

And above all, to see Divine Reality in everything, as Blake said, our greatest English Sufi,

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour…

And Allah’s Face in, through, behind and before it all in every dimension and situation

And for love of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, as all humanity is in the Muhammadan Era… knowingly or unknowingly…

To prepare for death and the meeting with our Lord.

The urge always forward, upward and inward…

To change the world, uh-huh, by changing ourselves

pulse-beat by


even if only a meter or two away from us…


Practical note:
I’m going to try keeping just ten posts on the homepage, with earlier posted poems, and other material, accessed by going to the following page, and archived in their monthly location by title…

And advertise my books as they appear… and even the ones already out, in The Ecstatic Exchange Series… and find a way to facilitate purchase… (available now on Amazon and WAO Books)

And my website will be kept as the larger archive for my books of poetry, slowly getting published one at a time, and art, theater, photographs, biography, etc.… so please visit as you like:

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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4 Responses to Blog Intentions

  1. Irving says:

    A lovely introduction to your blog, Dear Brother Abdal Hayy 🙂 I am so happy you will be sharing your poetry. I have also added this blog to the Darvish blogroll 🙂

    Ya Haqq!


  2. Salaam,

    would be greatful if you could add our website to the links on your blog.

    Keep up the good work.



  3. Motamid says:

    As salam ‘aleykum wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuh.

    Ever a vangaurd to me, Sidi Daniel! Jazakum LAH khairn.




  4. Motamid says:

    As salam ‘aleykum wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuh.

    Ever a vanguard to me, Sidi Daniel! Jazakum LAH khairn.




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