In Memoriam Imran Saithna


Ruba’iyat XIX

I’ll take the blows upon my chin
I’ll rise, I’ll fight and I will win
I will be happy someday soon
I will leave behind this life of sin.

Smiling as I whistle and loosely croon
Living the beat of my new found tune
Tasting the elixir of the other side
A life with only patience hewn.

Remembering all the times I cried
Ashamed of all the lies I lied
I see a new dawn rising now
The beautiful sun my final bride.

Before my fate I humbly bow
The new fields afore I dutifully plough
Sowing my seeds to reap tomorrow
Word by word I renew my vow.

(by Imran Saithna, photographs by Peter Sanders)



I learned this morning of the death of sweet Imran Saithna, whom I knew as a budding poet and whom I last saw reading his Ruba’iyat poems at the London Poetry Sama’ in early December of this year. He’d returned from Hajj, and emailed me, and added his impressions of the Sama’ on his blog, suitably titled Noble Intentions where you may find a poem about that event as well as more of his wonderful poems.

Whenever I hear of the death of a poet I try to read a poem of his or hers in memoriam, so this is that for Imran. Imran was very young and his work was growing, but compassion and sincere earnestness were palpable with him, and I pray he is among the highest with Allah, Who drew him near Him earlier rather than later and with (for us often a puzzling but for Him) a vast and Majestic Love. We come from Allah and to Him we return.

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8 Responses to In Memoriam Imran Saithna

  1. saaraa says:

    for a sister like me without a brother, imran was sent by Allaah for me to look after me and my family.

    I’m sure that many people will say the same, for just as the Prophet (SAW) did, Imran mananged to make everyone feel like they were mostimportant to him just as he is important to us all.

    I am not weeping for him, for having only done Hajj less than 40 days ago I believe that He is in the Best Place. I am selfishly weeping for myself for I can’t imagine a world without my dear bhaijaan.

    The world has lost a tireless doer of good. A true traveller of the this world in every sense of this world.


  2. Farouq Taj says:

    I’ve just come across the announcement of his death whilst surfing the net. Our paths never crossed but he sounds like a very nice person. Sorry to hear and I hope the family are bearing the grief with patience.


  3. ibn Zahra says:


    I’m not a man of eloquence as Imaran was so please forgive me. He was a beautiful person. I loved him from the first day I met him. I miss him. We were going to go Hajj together, but something came up, and we ended up going on separate packages. I saw him on saturday, we shook hands and hugged! We hadn’t seen each other in a while. I missed him. We planned to meet up on wednesday and catch up properly, Alhamdulillah, it wasn’t meant to be. Saara, i know what you mean when you say, “Imran mananged to make everyone feel like they were mostimportant”, this is so true. I felt as though i was his best friend, although i can probably count on my two hands the number of conversations we had. Wallahi, i miss him so much. It is a great loss for those that he has left behind, namely his family and friends. Esp his family and parents in particular. I too believe that inshAllah, he is in a much better place but he still could do with our dua.

    I pray Allah gives him that happiness he worked hard for as he leaves behind this world of sin. I pray that Allah expands his grave for him and makes it wonderful resting place. I pray Allah gives him Al-firdaws and re-unites his loved ones with him in our true lives to come. I pray Allah sends down His mercy upon his family and friends. I pray we see him again, see his beautiful green eyes again, shake his hand again and give him a huge hug again in jannah.

    i love you bro!


  4. Rezia says:

    Subhanallah! Unfortunately I never met Imran nor did i get to hear of him till last night… I went to see Abdul Adheem and when we made our final du’a after dikhr we all joined to make a dua for Imran. And all throughout the night, for some reason, I kept thinking about asking Abdul Adheem about Imran… what happened? how did it happen? And today, i found an email from one of my dearest friend who performed hajj this year too. Now i know Imran – he was a beautiful human being. May Allah grant him the garden. ameen.


  5. laila says:

    may Allah rest his soul in peace.. inallaha wa inallahi raajioon


  6. salaam, I knew Imran only briefly through his help with Utrujj, he was generous, kind and very humble. We had the opportunity of meeting him for dinner a week before he passed a way and I know he left a lasting impression on us all mash’Allah. I was truly sad to hear the news, but as the sister above said, the sadness is for me and not for Imran as I pray that Allah (swa) grants him the highest place in heaven and grants his parents peace in this difficult time. Ameen.


  7. Syeda Nazli Education Officer for 3 Faiths Forum says:


    Where ever I would go I would see this brother mashallah actively contributing. The last time I saw him was at the poetry evening in London and his poem really touched me mashallah as it came from his heart. May Allah (SWT) accept his deeds give him peace and blessings and a high station in Jannah inshallah. Ameen.


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