Comments on the passing of our brother Imran

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17 Responses to Comments on the passing of our brother Imran

  1. Ejaz H says:

    My dear friend Imran. How tragic to hear about what has happened.

    My memories of you will always be of the laughs and dreams we shared.

    My dear bro- May Allah keep you close.

    You are one of the lucky ones…



  2. Aaliyah says:

    That was a really beautiful memoriam. Still in shock am going to miss him. He was one of a kind, always happy to help for nothing in return. I just can not believe he has gone. May Allah bless this good friend, brother and fellow poet with the highest station of paradise.


  3. Simi says:

    That was a really beautfiul poem , written by a person who was loved and looked up to by many. As Aaliyah said he was one who was always happy to help, go out of his way to help and expect nothing in return. I wish we all obtain that quality. He will be missed by many as he truely was an inspiration to many. I pray that Allah keeps his soul safe and happy in his next life inshallah.




  4. assad says:

    Am I to be suprised if the pottery designer decides to break a few of his pots? God bless him to the highest ranks and those who pass before him and after him, ameen.


  5. naturalhigh says:

    I am sorry to read of your loss. It’s a great poem.


  6. journeyman says:


    having known imran since chilhood I can only pray that he has found peace in the shade of Allah.he was optimism in the darkest of days and will always be a friend iA.



  7. Farahnaz says:

    Strange isn’t it… when you discover that you just lost a cousin who you perhaps just met once in your life time, that too ages ago…
    Heart fills with grief and anguish yes! but… the pride of the knowing that he had touched so many lives in his own special way balms the pain.
    May Lord give his parents the strength to carry on and us all the ability to be at least 1% of the person Imran was.


  8. Irving says:

    A lovely poem. I did not know him, and this is the first of his poems I have read, but I like his face, and I am sad at his death. The angels will have a new friend.

    Ya Haqq!


  9. sf says:

    A beautiful poem! I did not know Br. Imran before this post, but eversince, i think i know so much more about him, through his insightful poems and posts in his blogs “Noble Intentions” and “My Life in My Words”.
    i wish to share his post which touched me the most…

    Monday, July 14, 2003

    I begin in the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

    I guess i am starting this blog on the recommendation of a good friend, with the intention of keeping a journal of the things that touch me and affect my life.

    Who knows that maybe once i am gone, it will be a source of inspiration for those i leave behind, insha’Allah

    GEM aka Ibn Abdul Qayum

    …and ironically so, he is not with us today. But truly, he continues to live being an inspiration and guiding light to others, InshaAllah.
    May Allah(SWT) grant him heavenly bliss and patience to his family and friends. Ameen


  10. FAISAL AHMED says:



  11. Umber Malik says:

    Imran was one of the most kindest, honest, genorous people I have ever met! I am honoured to have known him and to have had him as one of my friends. He shall always be greatly missed, his warm smile and kind word that he readily gave out to anyone and everyone he met is a great loss for humanity. His short life holds many examples of which we can and should follow. May Allah had Mercy on him, Forgive him, and comfort him in his grave and grant him the company of beautiful angels who will insure his time in barzakh is filled with light which goes beyond the horizon and may his soul be met by angels who stand in total amazment and envy at the love and welcome he will receive from Allah and Jannah Ameen.


  12. Faiza Zaidi says:

    Having only met Imran a handful of times, I was shocked at my own reaction to his death. He was a generous human being who gave of his time and himself without hesitation. For a man of his age he has left behind an example of how to live ones life. I hope that many of us learn and take stock after his passing and maybe steal a little of his infectious love of humanity and his adventurous nature to turn his hand to anything. You will be missed. May you sit with the most auspicious company in the heavens. Ameen


  13. Homam says:

    my best memmory of Imran is the british 10K marathon in 2005. He ran the whole thing smoking malboro reds and still beat me.

    Imran touched the heart of almost every muslim youth in london.


  14. His passing is a caution to all of us to always treat each other with grace and intelligence, for we will be remembered also. I’m amazed at how this very sincere but unassuming being touched so many… He had real noble finesse… May Allah bring him very near.


  15. Kelly Walsh says:

    Just like the sun in Granada your light shone brightly and your words never failed to warm my heart. I am so greatful for having known such a beautiful person. I miss you.

    May Allah shower you with his mercy and blessings.


  16. Adiba says:

    Assalamu alykum a todos
    Nosotros tuvimos la gran suerte de conocer a Imran en España, este último verano, para nosotros fué como un hermano, Allah nos envia a la Alquería lo mejor de su creación, pero lo mejor siempre tiene que estar con Él, que Allah lo tenga en su Jannah, rodeado de lo más bello de Su Creación y con nuestro hermano Ahmed, que Allah sea Misericordioso con ellos.
    Imran siempre ocupará un gran lugar en el corazón de los habitantes de la Alquería. A él le gustaba mucho vivir aquí. Un abrazo para su familia de todos nosotros.


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