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New Islamic Haiku & Commentary

America now has its own “burning Bush,” so will prophets prevail? Are we witnessing Allah’s Justice come round, with our hell-bent government leaders systematically flaming out, one by one?  Are we seeing the papered-over arrogance and incompetence coming apart before … Continue reading

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Poem: Would Joy Pervade Us?

WOULD JOY PERVADE US? What if the machinery of time were just a little motor somewhere like one of those Erector Set motors behind a little curtain near an open window on the third floor whizzing a little as its … Continue reading

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Poem: Here’s a Row of Innocuous Boxes

(Here’s a poem I came across from my book, Salt Prayers, as I was looking for poems to read this weekend at the Philadelphia Book Festival… a bit of innocuous meter and rhyme for a change… veiling a bit less … Continue reading

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Islamic Haiku and commentary

“Muhammad” in clouds… Peace be upon him, and us… we all drift away! The world is a porous place, that in the world of physics might be particles and might be waves. Allah in the Qur’an says to see His … Continue reading

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Poem: What Resists Illusion

(a poem from a newly published Ecstatic Exchange book, Underwater Galaxies, this graphic being a detail from its cover…) WHAT RESISTS ILLUSION The sorcerer commanded the snowman but the snowman kept on melting The swan remembered its ugly duckling childhood … Continue reading

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Poem: Peace be Upon Him

  PEACE BE UPON HIM Peace be upon him who appeared among us in this world covered in dust a shining light A speck of that same light is in all of us needing only his bellows to blow it … Continue reading

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Haji Noor Deen reads 3 Classical Chinese poems / Abdal-Hayy reads the English

(I’m looking for his name at the beginning intro with the idea to say it all [Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang], but then decide to go with the shorter version I know so well, though it looks like I … Continue reading

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