Poem: The Wine We Love



The wine we love is the wine of the spirit
The wine we avoid is the wine of the body

Though the wine of the body lead to spiritual bliss
its dregs and bitters are magical temptation

Shattering the glass is the way to the pure wine
though the glass itself is the wine and the

wine itself the glass
and the lips that sip are also the blesséd drink

that we think by simply sipping we’ll be
able to drink

And we drown in the world of what is
always drunkenly around us

whose otherworldly bubbles of light always
drunkenly surround us

                        11/25/2007 (from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak — in progress)

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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4 Responses to Poem: The Wine We Love

  1. naqsh1 says:

    Asalamu’alaikum dear brother. MashAllah: ) Allah give you infinite inspiration Insha-Allah.

    Is it for the wine that body and spirit intertwine?
    Or is betwixt the two decreed a sign, subtly fine?
    Maybe tis the Cup-bearer it seeks to define?
    A design pointing to the Divine

    May the tavern be our shrine, O brother of mine
    Who sings in sign, amidst the mountains in line
    Accompanied by the Falcon fine
    Soaring to the Divine


  2. Our heart hears your reply
    so eloquently stated

    from Whose central Eye
    Light’s poured unabated


  3. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmat’Allahe ta’ala wa barakaatuhu

    Jazak’Allah for the beautiful words symphonied into verse…May Allah grant you from His Cup, Ameen.

    May we all thrist after and attain this wine…

    True, so true, Divine is The wine
    Mature, benign, meticulous, refined
    But, whence-forth springs this cup sublime?
    Vineyards of Cairo? banks of the Rheine?

    Nay, wonderous the Origin, so hidden behind
    Veils o’ignorance, read by the blind
    Blind from staring to the Sun, we decline
    To witness the Majesty, we incessantly pine

    And descends the word, from the Bearer, Divine
    “Ask what you crave, O Servant of Mine’*
    “Oh Master, My Lord, this Ummah of Mine,
    Give, to drink, the Cup from Your Vine”

    * (saw)


    Your brother in Islam



  4. Such a beautiful responses from nasqh and sirajul.
    May this additional lines spark the wine into flames !

    “Love is a flame that burns
    away all that is not Allah.”

    Love is a Beautiful and Divine
    that Allah has blessed us all with.
    Love is what keeps
    the Universe in motion,

    it keeps the world turning, and
    it’s what circulates in our blood.
    The essence of our Creation is Love.


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