Poem / Four Gardens



Everything’s velvety dark and
warm furry and fuzzy in its

particulars each new vista or room full of
people or not empty or crowded with a

large polished grand piano silent in the
middle and four huge windows on the

four walls looking out into gardens each
one of which is different

One Oriental with a humped bridge over
purply lotus pools

One thickly brushy and undergrowthy
with toucans clacking huge
bills full of red berries

One plain and cactusy all silvery and
cobalt and turquoisey bluish

And one exclusively roses of all
shades hues and shapes exploding
riotous color

And at the sight of each garden someone
plays a sonata mazurka or waltz on the piano

and the plants come alive and showers
arrive from both above and below to

irrigate our hearts so in need of
God’s waters

(from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak / in progress)

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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3 Responses to Poem / Four Gardens

  1. Deborah says:

    What a beautiful picture you paint, and how the words just flow from your canvas. My heart is thirsty no more!


  2. You are kind. Maybe it’s you playing a mazurka…or waltz?


  3. Sam / Zahid says:

    Gardens in 4 directions radiate from the musical piano center.
    The windows in the heart make it all visible… beauty measure by


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