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Poem: Chair

There’s a chair that whoever sits in it becomes less proud Grocery bags tumble their contents out on the ground Buildings reflect more sunlight There’s a doorway that whoever stands in it becomes more transparent God’s Light shines through The … Continue reading

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Video Poem / Salmon


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Poem / Salmon

I leap these giant salmon falls like a vertically charging bull wild eyes wide and blinkless in my brute determination to get home though it cost me my life to bring life to life and the afterlife and the whole … Continue reading

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AUDIO POEM: The Only Real Life

AUDIO POEM: The Only Real Life

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Poem: The Only Real Life

The only real life is the soul life say what you will The only real world is the next world we’ll soon know The bicycles of the sky disperse into cloudy drifts their spokes farther and farther apart The famous … Continue reading

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