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Poem: Gulp

Everything all at once takes a pause then resumes again We can’t see or feel it most times a crack the size of the cosmos sealed up in an illusion of continuous flow a pause between one breath and the … Continue reading

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Poem: A Little Door

A little door at the bottom of it all opens up and when you crouch down to get in it’s as vast as the sky itself You can pick out the stars by night and the planets by day Get … Continue reading

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Poem: One More Word

How can we add one more word to it one more syllable one more breath to what is already at its peak of perfection its absolute facets of the entire crystal reflecting everything perfectly with no extra membrane even one … Continue reading

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Poem: Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars on shelves of burnished silver beakers filled with smoke gurgling in the dark Something must be brewing from these nefarious ingredients shamans in the depths of shadowy forests might use Bits of waxed thread amber in its gum … Continue reading

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