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Poem: The Lover the Beloved

The lover lowers her gaze and the Beloved raises it until lover is engulfed in oceans too vast to circumscribe and around their margins fly continuous bands of singing birds The lover closes her lips around silence the way light … Continue reading

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Poem: Videoku #2 Pray Afghanistan…

A late-night videoku, extemporized before hitting the video button (I will confess), but only a moment before… and responding, May 7, 2009, to sad, gathering clouds… Pray Afghanistan be allowed to breathe easy among the living

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Poem: Videoku #1

Video’d haiku in the moment of its making… with one false start… Haiku: 5/7/5 syllables, a momentary noticing, a flash, succinct, over in an instant. Here in its raw freshness… inside on a rainy day. (Actually, in the moment, I … Continue reading

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