New Ramadan Poem



A midnight ping-pong match
is playing among the stars

Atoms careen through space smacked by
invisible paddles

The shadow of the Player Who plays both
sides leans over our hearts

The tick-tock sound of the ping-pong balls
can be heard in our ears among the

singsong of speech and in the
soft darkness of silken silences

But the shadow in our hearts
peers deep inside our souls

and finds inside the same space as the
outer space it finds in space


About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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5 Responses to New Ramadan Poem

  1. eebrinker says:

    a little confusing but get the point….eternity is a difficult concept, no matter where it lies


  2. Alex says:

    It is a bit confusing, thanks anyway though!


  3. Thank you both for your reflection, and I guess in some ways it is a little paradoxical, though it wasn’t when I wrote it, and really I don’t feel it is now. But I guess you have to have a perspective, perhaps not quite yours, that God is in charge of everything, both sides of the “game” as it were, and that this presence is a benign one and that really our insides are a vast sky just as the sky is a vast interior… ah well, maybe it is a bit hard to explain… but I very much thank you for your replies…


  4. Tea-mahm says:

    Ramadan Karim, Abdul Hayy!

    I’d love to use your poem “Midnight Ping-Pong Match” in the October issue of The Sound Journal.” I’ve been wanting to include a poem from you and I like that one. The issue is on “Balance.” Anything short on that subject?? (short means about a page). Here’s the URL for the last issue: Please write – I’ve lost your E-mail.


  5. Dear Tamam:
    Salaama and Ramadan kareem:

    Wonderful to hear from you! My email address:

    Yes, of course you can use the Ping-Pong poem… with gratitude…

    Or perhaps this:


    Love for Allah is a Great Simplicity
    while love for all else complexifies redundancy

    Of all the horses in a race from the starting line
    only one wins who is all the other horses combined

    whose confident canter to receive the winning wreath
    represents all the other contestants in perfect form

    in one toss of mane or flick of tail
    as its trillion hooves resound

    And when we turn from the race
    to Allah Who commands them all

    winners and losers disappear
    in the swift light of a perfect outcome

    Oh face of my single beloved
    disappearing around the edges

    At the heat center of your graceful animation
    is His Light pouring through you

    in floods from His perpendicular Throne

    (from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak / The Ecstatic Exchange


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