Two New Books: Stretched Out on Amethysts & Invention of the Wheel

I’ve just published two new books of poems, STRETCHED OUT ON AMETHYSTS (with an explanatory introduction regarding the title), available from, and


Not a moment can be squandered
not a moment can be lost

Grab the rope and swing out
over the abyss

“What rope?” you say
when there are

ropes all around us

dangling at our elbows and lying in
coils at our feet

But invisible to our visible eyes

Our eyes must quit the visible
to see them

They swing in frayed joyance
between visible trees

and if grabbing them proves problematic
just leap in their direction

and you’ll catch the catch that catches you
the rope that love flings

What am I saying? No
rope no trees no cliffs

No abyss

but this!

Our heart’s enough to take us
to the goal

Our hearts surround
incalculable bliss



INVENTION OF THE WHEEL, also available from and


There’s a moment so tiny it slips between the
raindrops and clock-ticks

as if it were a strand of silk hanging down
or the shadow of some airborne fluff rising up

So tiny and yet it’s the way out of life and death
as we know it sitting on this hill

It surrounds the celestial city with its slow-motion
comings and goings as if pewter reflecting a sunbeam

were positioned in such a way as to be
directed to our eyes momentarily blinding us

Yet we could grope our way between the verticals
knowing with utter confidence God’s Mercy would

never be depleted as we continuously
head for its horizon almost as if

floating in it
bathed in its


Click on the bookstores above to purchase, or go to and search the titles if the Amazon stores are out of them.

I would love you to read these poems (some of which have been posted on this site), that I publish burnished from the fresh pages of heaven, to use a William Blake turn of phrase, written in the dark nights to see the light of day.

Thank you…

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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