Poem: Adam Stood in the World

Adam stood in the world
as tall as the trees

the sun bathing his body
birds wreathing his outline with

waters everywhere splashing

growls and grandeur of new animals
ache of new growths everywhere


Alone he stood with a
hunger in his heart reaching out to

touch the edible nothingness
around him

His own essence before his
birth in Allah’s domain

nourished on Light and the Names he’ll
name creation with

to keep each radiant thing linked to
Allah’s single simultaneous

action in the unseen

each kind of leaf made consciousness
each cloud in passing also conscious

each Adam-named element
dimensionalizing the world

and the angels

all on prophet Adam’s
fasting tongue

articulating even
now if we bend in

close to our hearts to hear
that original

soft sound
3 Ramadan

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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7 Responses to Poem: Adam Stood in the World

  1. G. Elliot says:

    Adamic ADoNai, blissful ANanDa-Andavanay in our own-born, in born DNA nucleic Nu Clay.


  2. ot says:

    Beautiful. Can I ask, what do you mean by “each Adam-named element, dimensionalizing the world”. Many thanks 🙂


    • In Qur’an Allah ta’ala says: “He taught Adam the names of all things. Then He arrayed them before the angels and said, “Tell me the names of these if you are telling the truth.” And further: “Adam, tell them their names.” (Sura 230-32) The mystery and reality of this is always fascinating, in regards to consciousness and the “dimensionality” of our living universe, our language and naming of things bringing us both closer to (and perhaps often farther away from) the things of our world. Prophets show the depths and heights of life, sent by Allah to vitalize, illuminate and extend our humanity with divine focus. These are poor explanations, but perhaps will do for the moment. Thanks for your comment.


  3. ot says:

    No it’s a great explanation, I’m trying to understand the importance of language, the fact that we’ve been told specifically that Allah “taught Adam the names of things” and what that actually means for the way we percieve reality, understand our place in it and use that knowledge for benefit, here and hereafter.

    Happy Ramadan and love the new layout! 🙂

    Love from a warm and breezy Glesga.


    • Ah, “ot” — I should have known. Me Glesga bro. I think my first answer above is a little too basic. The naming of a habitable universe of course is a key element in all spiritual revelations, and as we see with babies becoming toddlers, etc. we’re hardwired to speak and connect even before the words make any sense (with kudos to Abdallah!). So grunts aside, revealed texts show us that making language articulate specificity is something of the prophetic consciousness that all humankind shares. And when we think of far-out languages (to us at least) where word order is changed back to front, or there are no verbs, etc. we see the unutterably subtle miracle of “naming” everything from a toilet brush to a state of divine consciousness and descriptions of otherworldly visions. It’s all Allah, bro, all Allah. Love back and Ramadan splendiferous!


  4. ot says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Abdal-Hayy, it’s a such a fascinating subject. Words have an amazing power on the heart and mind. Love to you and yours, may Allah bless you all during this special month. Ameen!


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