Poem: Adam Stood in the World


Adam stood in the world
as tall as the trees

the sun bathing his body
birds wreathing his outline with

waters everywhere splashing

growls and grandeur of new animals
ache of new growths everywhere


Alone he stood with a
hunger in his heart reaching out to

touch the edible nothingness
around him

His own essence before his
birth in Allah’s domain

nourished on Light and the Names he’ll
name creation with

to keep each radiant thing linked to
Allah’s single simultaneous

action in the unseen

each kind of leaf made consciousness
each cloud in passing also conscious

each Adam-named element
dimensionalizing the world

and the angels

all on prophet Adam’s
fasting tongue

articulating even
now if we bend in

close to our hearts to hear
that original

soft sound
3 Ramadan
(from Ramadan is Burnished Sunlight, The Ecstatic Exchange, 2011)

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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2 Responses to Poem: Adam Stood in the World

  1. Beautiful. Please also make a poem of Adam’s two sons. I dont know what their names are in english but in ours we call them ‘Habeel’ and ‘Qabeel’. One was very loving and the other one greedy, warrior always used to fight with him. He also killed him for getting marrying the girl.


  2. Just today we were discussing the natural world and the human garden – ‘ dimensionalizing the world’ -this line comes to mind, where the urban forest has been dimensionalized by the garden escapes in our own neighborhood. These unintended human interventions on our nearby forest has changed it and the questions are penetrating and inspiring: is it possible to reverse the consequences of these unintended interventions in order to keep the forest intact, as the forest is being threatened with large holes and there are less and less trees? We are entering the world the does not favor these trees of the forest. And ‘each Adam named element’ and the angels- the next big question: Our own species having made a dramatic impact on the ecosystems we live amidst and depend on for sustenance, are we to assume a relevant place in the natural world, one that sustains the other species of life, thus sustaining our own?
    My little biddy answer: yes indeed, with all of the responsibility on top of that! While this is not a new question at all, it still needs to be asked just enough to keep us and all of the other creatures alive! The Garden and the Nature, an ongoing drama. Thanks for your poem and the rich imagery that has stirred my thoughts!


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