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Orpheus Wore That Look

Orpheus wore that look of astonishment for the rest of his life How could he have been so thoughtless as to turn around? And so near the top? Wasn’t hearing her behind him on the steep gravel enough? It was … Continue reading

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Mawlid in New Brunswick, NJ, this past Friday, alhamdulillah…

Salaama Here’s a video snippet of the singing during the New Brunswick Mawlid I participated in. I’m the left hand corner squinting at the text… the singing was so reminiscent of mawlids in Morocco due to the fine leadership of … Continue reading

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Ramadan Suns Itself

Ramadan suns itself by the dark of nightand takes no notice of earthquake or flood Ramadan begins walking toward us from thefurthest hilltop of the previous year and arrives at our door withbaskets of golden fruit Although Ramadan seems most … Continue reading

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With a Two-legged Goat and a Flying Fish

Who I’ve become after all myadventures on land is a seventy-one year-old man whofasts from dawn to sundown sailing off across the daywith a two-legged goat and a flying fish searching for thesource of all this daylight avoiding the usual … Continue reading

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Poem: His Pure Presence

A goat eats grass off the Beloved’s hilland gives white milk to the Beloved’s Messenger O body of seemingly little worthdiscarded at our entrance to the truer lifeyou are our road to Light troubled or at ease pockmarked with road-ruts … Continue reading

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Life of Pi, note and poem

LIFE OF PI the Movie Just back from seeing The Life of Pi, in 3D, overwhelmed by it, and for me a truly cathartic experience. In it we are face to face with, well, in a metaphorical sense, in not … Continue reading

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Poem: Adam Stood in the World

Adam stood in the world as tall as the trees the sun bathing his body birds wreathing his outline with birdsong waters everywhere splashing growls and grandeur of new animals ache of new growths everywhere sounding Alone he stood with … Continue reading

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