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  1. Greetings:
    Please access my web page, and click on CONTACT there, with the email address that will take you to your destination…


  2. Abdal-Hayy, How great to hear from you after so much time has elapsed. Pictures don’t begin to reflect the inner workings, but your poetry surely does and so do these words, sent forth in happy recall of friendship.

    Shelly Lowenkopf


    • Dearest Shelly:

      I’m going to be coming to Santa Barbara to read at the College of Creative Studies on Wednesday, May 25 of this year, Deo volente. I would hope to see you… there may be a gathering as well somewhere somehow… Thanks for your sweet comment. All best to you (I’ve seen your work on Huffing and Puffington Post… Great!)


  3. Suzanne Rudolph says:

    Hello Abdal-Hayy:
    I’m not sure if you remember me. I worked with you at CPE in Berwyn. . . oh some almost 20 years ago. Has it been that long? I worked as an editor in a room with the late Anne Thomas and Anne (gosh her name escapes me now; began with an O…Odenweller or something like that). I moved to Maryland for awhile and am back in the area again working as a high school English teacher teaching books like The Kite Runner since it’s a World Lit class and many issues in it concern the Muslim religion, etc.

    You gave me a beautiful book of Rilke poetry when my brother died in 1992 and I still read from it.

    How have you been? I last spoke with Beryl Bernardi who phoned me in MD to tell be about Anne Thomas and told me you had some health issues.
    I hope you’re well. I remember CPE and all there with great fondness.

    Right now, you came to mind since I’m watching a documentary about Altamount of all things and recalled you telling me you attended and sat way in the back. All these years later, that popped into my head which was the impetus for me to look up your name. Be well,



  4. Dear Suzanne:

    I remember you quite well indeed… I often send the poem I wrote at the time of your brother’s death to those in grief, and have read it at readings at times as well. I attended the funeral for Anne, and saw the other Anne Odenweiler (? or close) at the Phila museum one afternoon by chance… Otherwise I’ve never returned to CPE after leaving it in 2004 or 5… even though it moved 15 minutes away from my house. I worked as a chauffeur for 2 years and then retired to write and publish my books… I’m glad you still read the Rilke book. If you send me your email I’ll send you my book brochure… I don’t recall any grave health issues… though right now I’m fighting conjunctivitis and a bad cold… but nothing serious. Yes, waaaaaay back at Altamonte… seeing the devil’s workshop from a safe distance! (Recent picture of Mick J and the others show the ravages of their lives… no?)

    I wonder how Beryl is? I still think of her Napoleonic experiences…

    Blessings on you and let’s keep in touch… You might want to present one of my books to your class… modern Sufi Lit… Let me know. (My email is:



  5. Jamil says:

    Salams Sidi Abdal-Hayy,

    Your email doesn’t seem to work. Have you changed it?
    “Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].”


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