Poem: The Saint’s Achievement

(NOTE: With this miraculous “Arab Spring” with all its achievements, it’s good to know our work in the world is for Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him, and Light in This World and the Next, and our beacons are the prophets and Companions and the awliyya… so this poem, of an anonymous saint, may be cogent…)

When the saint reached his goal
only a chipmunk took notice
all that light pouring out of his room like a
private aurora borealis just for
and scampered home to tell his wife and kids

for a split second the universe stood still from its
usual flipping back and forth from
existence to non-existence and took a quick
look at itself in the mirror of wonder and wondered
if all its lakes would evaporate all its
peaks eventually crumble all its
tombs keep their tenants cozy until time to
unfold like a magnolia bud into flower

then it was back to business as usual and ten-times
greater radius of illumination around his head
which later worker ants took notice of and
passed along the grapevine
waterfall water cascading at its usual
pleasure babies getting born in sterile
hospitals at their usual rate

while like a newborn deer our saint ecstatically
stumbling in fields of God’s glory like so many
sparks from a campfire meeting at the
pinnacle of night or the transformation from a
large top-heavy and earthbound thing to something
suddenly aerial and gliding

our friend gravity becoming here now the
dance master of the spirit’s freedom from it
our saint’s happy stuttering across a very
anti-gravitational threshold in order to
appear to us perfectly normal
saying perfecting normal things such as

those are roses those are thorns

the night on its double axle turns

the forward depends on the backward to
define its place

our life is a split-second of joy before
light descends

From Shaking the Quicksilver Pool, Ecstatic Exchange

2 Responses to Poem: The Saint’s Achievement

  1. Charlotte Nanton says:

    I found this somewhere,

    The Golden Light

    Dit Dit Dah Dah….made me turn,
    The signal from your powerful light,
    Golden and bright.

    It struck the chord,
    Woke me up,
    Yes….you are real.

    Only sensed within,
    Called connection.
    The chord constant.

    Holding me up,
    To see, despite looking
    Down. Yes I saw.

    You flickered to draw
    My attention lacking..
    I have held on that light.

    Will do forever as the chord,
    Golden has turned the silver,
    Pieces no more, but bars.

    Notes will be given,
    And All shall hear…
    Ah …always knowing.

    Truth be told, to ease
    That pain.
    Souls in tune, 4 Evr.xxx



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