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Everything’s an offshoot of
something else
just as we are offshoots

So a boat on the high seas being tossed by waves
got there by a web of
circumstances that
includes the tempest sunset whose
gorgeous glory fills the doomed
with joy… Continue reading

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Poem: First Night of Ramadan

A single stone is thrown in and the canyon resounds with the hallelujahs of angels A single breath contains the known and unknown universes Back behind edgeless space are motions that vibrate the heart Back behind ancient mountains and historical … Continue reading

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Poem: Enter Me Into the Great Adventure

ENTER ME INTO THE GREAT ADVENTURE 1 Enter me into the great adventure Don’t let the Tygers of Wrath pounce at the inception but lurk at the sidelines behind banana leaves the size of continents waving in a wind as … Continue reading

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