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Four Corners of the Universe

    The four corners of the universe can be seen as a little room deep inside the universe with planetary motions out each window as we sit in the center of the room fasting or eating A giant phoenix … Continue reading

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HURIYYAH exhibit by Soraya Syed Sanders in the UK

Please take a moment to view photos of Soraya Syed Sander’s exhibit now up in London at Leighton House… our daughter-in-law, married to Inspiraldesign’s Mukhtar Sanders… Well, they’re both Inspiraldesigners… Her exhibit and the dancer are tremendous…

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Sandwich at Noon

A sandwich at noon is enough tofrighten a field of crows  A telephone ringing in an empty room isanswered by the wind A road leading upward has abicycle on it and two trees When the blessings were brought inthe sun … Continue reading

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Nighttime Sessions of Light/The Repetitions of Saints

NIGHTTIME SESSIONS OF LIGHT Intense nighttime sessions of Lightspangle the planetary air and the lunar crescendo yup I said the lunar crescendo as wehead toward Ramadan’s exit back into temptation’s roundelay yup I said temptation’s roundelay that seems to go … Continue reading

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Pinpoint and Compass Point

A pinpoint and a compass pointa bismin and a galaxy What do they have in common? A cloud in the sky and a thought passingthrough our heads with maybe even more wind behind it A single wave in the sea … Continue reading

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With a Two-legged Goat and a Flying Fish

Who I’ve become after all myadventures on land is a seventy-one year-old man whofasts from dawn to sundown sailing off across the daywith a two-legged goat and a flying fish searching for thesource of all this daylight avoiding the usual … Continue reading

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Extend Your Shadow

If you haven’t been parted fromwhat you truly love then foot cannot follow footnor heart follow heart Beasts born in the wild have thewild to bring them to their higher education How can we see what will wire us to … Continue reading

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