Still Eyeless in Gaza?

I think many of us are still in a state of shock over the Israeli powered holocaust in Gaza against the Palestinian innocents. The utter horror of such death and destruction, people living with such horrific wounds, in rubble and ruins, in extermination camp environment, barely subsisting, dying. It’s cold in Philadelphia but our old steam heater works, our table is always spread… I can’t just imagine their suffering.  Our hope in President Obama is still strong, and his presidency hopeful, but his silence on the Gaza tragedy is deafening, in spite of his extending a hand to the Muslim world, a good sign, but muffled by an increasingly irrational fidelity to the protection of Israel. Why are we so afraid of condemning the outrageous actions of Israel, when we don’t hesitate to do so with regards to Russia or other sovereign countries? Why has Israel made no attempts to harmonize with its (yes) belligerent neighbors all these years? How does Israel always get away with such egregious behavior, and effectively no one says “boo!” Or holds them accountable in any real way?  When will beating the drum of their own Holocaust finally be drowned out by the one they are inflicting on the Arabs? And I’m never satisfied with the usual answers. Humans simply can’t be this inhuman… though history consistently disproves it.


Meanwhile, I also mourn the passing of a great Mexican poet, Marco Antonio Montes de Oca (1932-2009) whom I first met in Mexico City in 1962 when I was learning Spanish, and whose dedication to a particularly inspired and imaginal poetry has been an inspiration to me throughout my life. I’d lost touch with him these past years, but recently made a greater effort and found he was very ill and often hospitalized. He died on February 7th. May God grant him ease and forgiveness and nearness. Here is my translation of one of his better-known poems:


O singer inspiration, you pierce the dome of trills
with highest noise and most avid song!
Your power is the sunrise that thins out above the hill,
the firmament that dumps its purple baskets over a ravenous precipice,
the foliage of bells you hang in the enchanted wood.
For you, who illuminates my faith,
I clear brush from the path and remove its verdant traps.
For you, who flows on a giant groundswell
as frail as a turtledove’s bones,
as vulnerable as geranium thatch
and as fragile as the warrior who defies an avalanche
with the single bright wafer of his shield,
I now braid my enamored offering.
For you who possesses the required password to reign in the Southern Cross,
the first to hurl yourself between creaking rafters
and escape from the night of the world by a frayed cable,
for you, unique word, solar incarnation of all miracles,
I stretch the stalactites of poetry to the ground
and kindle the heart of mankind with strange light flashes.

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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3 Responses to Still Eyeless in Gaza?

  1. Allen says:

    It is colder in Moscow than in Philadelphia, but it does not affect my clear thinking. I see two sides in the Arab-Israeli conflict: one that through hard work created an oasis in the desert and just wants to live there in peace, and another that is willing to sacrifice everything to destroy it. What is more inhumane – to disarm the enemy that keeps killing your citizens or to place your children in harm’s way knowing that they will die – to let the CNN cameras show them? I am sure you know what Golda Meir said – that the peace in the Middle East will come when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate Israel. This was the most truthful statement ever spoken about this conflict.


  2. Dear Allen:
    Of course you’ve articulated the one-sided intransigent view, and perhaps you think I have as well, but in the face of such mass slaughter, I’m afraid your view may be suffering a setback with the rest of the world at least. I wonder that you can’t see the disparity in terms of force and violence between the two sides, not too dissimilar to the case of America’s natives who for the most part fought with bows and arrows against the enormous fire power of the conquering “Europeans.” And they are now a lost people in horrifically degrading circumstances…having to make do with nothing… And our superior financial world is tumbling from its artificial “superiority.” (I also object to your false view that Arabs don’t love their children… Fanatics often resort to fanatic acts in desperation, like the bombing of the King David Hotel, but they don’t represent the actual majority psyche of the people.

    But I make these comments as a poet, not as a political, historical or even sociological thinker… strictly from the human heart point of view… and don’t want to get into polemics on this issue.

    And thank you again for the clear articulation of your comment…


  3. Allen says:

    Daniel, I appreciate your reply and it is not my intent to get into polemics. In fact, I was looking for something else and your comment caught my eye because I am also from Philadelphia.
    I have 2 comments/clarifications:
    1. I did not say that Arabs don’t love their children – only that they hate Israel more. Those who voted for Hamas were in majority, weren’t they?
    2. Israel is a tiny country of 7 million people surrounded by enemies that outnumber it 100 to 1. the so-called Palestinians represent a convenient way for other Arab countries to fight Israel. I compare the siege of Gaza to the sieg of Berlin in 1945 – in which many women and children dies, but could the Allies be blamed for that or the Nazis?

    Best Regards,


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