When we look at death’s door it
looks like nothing at all

Blank and featureless
a serious expression on a featureless

face that could be gazing across
empty desert or a crowded room

at a dark frail flower limp on its
stem or a king propped up on his

ermine pillows surrounded by wives and viziers
or at a wall as blank as itself

in front of unfathomable space
full of indifferent planetary matter

whirling to its own music

a camel sleeping by a tent-flap
waiting to be mounted for a month’s trek

a plane smoothly gliding twelve hours homeward

a mortally sick pre-teen boisterously
chatting with ten best-friend schoolmates

a lone spider waiting too long on an
unprofitable web in a dusty under-populated


This side of the door is the
only side of the door we can see

Centuries pass through the moment
and it remains the only

side we can see though before it in its
shady light and unambiguous atmosphere

huge ceremonies take place
and backwards celebrations with the

celebrants holding their breath

Oh ocean behind the door of true pure

Ocean behind death’s door in us of true pure silence
by the shore of the living and most alive

daily ocean of silence

none of us alone for an instant
from your thralldom’s kingdom

have mercy on the little ones and the

You are God’s door in your
starry radiance

standing with no walls in
emptiness of space

each creature eyeing you with
fond hope and expectation

knowing the annals of your
complicated mythologies and your direct

irrefutable invitations

So many symphonies written to
woo you

so many choirs written to call up your
most sympathetic angels to soften the blow

so many doors for each one of us
erected in the stir and softness of

each one’s cosmos with their exact
particulars and names whispered or said out loud

God King of all this
King and Master of our allotted breaths

unmistakable recognition as the
door squeaks open a tiniest crack

and one sharp ray of Your Light pours out
even should we live many decades more

in perfect or in dubious health
our own bodies Your

death door behind which our
organs play their parts to the

best of their energies and according to
Your decree’s calculated speed

a lightning flash splatter shock above a
sleeping town

the irritable nose twitch on a
deeply hibernating bear

the first smile not from intestinal gas
on a new baby’s face

fairy lights over a meadow
bird flocks gathering in a spring

birdbath ten or twenty at a

time suddenly at the end of its
tether with no length left

Let the blast of Your sweet
Mercy never subside on all of us

one creature at a time
and all of us together

at once

Death’s door’s
silent smart momentary

ding dong bell

tart dewdrop
on our silent tongues

All’s well
3/25/14 (from The Sweet Enigma of it All)

About danielabdalhayymoore

Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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  1. Maha Khan says:

    Thank you. Very powerful. I would love to share this with my readers but it will be too complex for them to understand. You and Nimah Nawwab write with a magic pen. One is forever lost in translation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Salaama Maha: Why not share it, and see what happens. People have (I’ve noticed and respect) far deeper understandings often than we give “them” credit for… I’d be interested in the response… It’s a subject close to all our hearts… every mortal creature of us. But thanks so much for your kind words…


  3. Sarah says:

    I was just about to write you an apology, saying who am I to feel I have rights over how he is remembered, and to do as you consider best. Apologies anyway, still I don’t have the right, even after you took it down. I am really sorry


  4. Sarah: I loved your reply most of all. I wasn’t every too sure the way I handled the subject would be understood… Then I read this by Chris Hedges:
    http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_terror_we_give_is_the_terror_we_get_20150208#.VNi-wHAOOpk.facebook. And thought again. It doesn’t mitigate their brutality, but he is articulating a truth…

    But I would post the poem again only if you’d resend your response, and let me add it to the poem as a note: and without your name attached. (my email: abdalhayy@danielmoorepoetry.com

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sarah says:

    thank you for relieving my heart; I really needed you to accept my apology. Yes of course, please feel free to post my reply as you describe. I have tried several times to send you an email but it keeps coming back. But now you have overlooked my bad manners may be it will get through by the barakah of your good will towards me. Pray for me, Sarah


    • Alhamdulillah. All’s well. I don’t know why you can get through my email. Try my google one: danielabdalhayy.moore@gmail.com. I don’t have your reply… it went when I deleted the post… so when I get it I will repost… with an added note perhaps, and maybe Chris Hedges editorial… (you can always send it again by leaving it here… and I can capture it and arrange the post from that…)


      • Sarah says:

        Assalaam alaikum; unfortunately I discovered I had not saved the reply so it is gone forever subhanAllah—not meant to be. I cannot write it again because I wrote it in a flash, without forethought, and it took about 45 seconds to write it and send it. So subhanAllah it is not written, it’s gone from the tablet, it’s gone from my mind, but I really hope you repost the poem with any additional notes you feel appropriate. You are very welcome to use what you remember of my words to explain anything to those whom might have reacted as I did. By the way I have written a book on the life of our Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and his humanity; it’s out soon, but I may send you a copy via the email you gave, just as it is nice to share works inshAllah. May our Creator bless you and your family. Sarah


    • Sarah says:

      Of course I mean to say gone from the tablet of this present dunya, but not from the tablet of the akhira; may there be reward in it inshAllah and in all your work


  6. C.E. Wiers says:

    Dear D A-H Moore: Your poems are a godsend. This one could not have been better-timed for me. (The only assertion I might have argued Spinoza over is the possibility of ‘miracles’. Sure: No billboard-sized miracles, but maybe, and probably, handbill-sized ones. “The Revolution will not be broadcast.”) Blessings. C On Feb 9, 2015, at 2:18 AM, Ecstatic Exchange / Poetry of Daniel Abdal- Hayy Moore wrote:

    > >


  7. Nimah Nawwab says:

    A very, very powerful poem on various levels, requires revisits and rereads, thanks dear Sidi for granting permission to repost and share. May The One keep you and your in His Merciful Palm dunya wa akhirah.


  8. Bonita says:

    Appreciating the dedication you put into your site and in depth information you present.
    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material.
    Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m
    adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


  9. Alurent Skin says:

    Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues.

    It was really informative. Your site is useful. Thank
    you for sharing!


  10. Yusuf Jha says:

    Ya sayyidi.

    You’ve passed that door and are God willingly now forever more in the blissful fragrance you have so eloquently described for us here.

    May you be raised in the highest ranks of the pious.

    To God we belong and to Him we return.
    [Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun]


  11. Imran Khan says:

    Dearest Sidi Abdal-Hayy,

    May Allah receive your soul in peace and abundant blessings, and make your resting place a most beautiful one, like the words you would so eloquently use to draw us closer to the true reality of things. May the beloved greet you with the same beautiful smile and sublime character that you displayed to us all. You will surely be missed but we pray that your words and actions will stand the test of time and guide and inspire new generations to love of Allah and his beloved.

    Silly Boy


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